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FAQ’s and Questions

FTFUS’s Gourmet Streets (GS) is a Complete Food Truck Business Designed and Supported by Experts:  Thousands of DIY food trucks, isolated, alone, not only fail to work with one another, but work against each other – Gourmet Streets (GS) offers a new standard for the industry, a cohesive system of several different truck concepts packaged in handsome, clean, professional, and stylish state of the art food trucks, operating under a cohesive business plan, supported by those with dozens of years of experience in successful business systems, and expert support so needed in a difficult and challenging economy.  GS also has built into its system the means where by different cuisines actually work better in sync with one another, then to work at odds with each other

As a Franchisee, You Bring the Passion for Delivering Great Food- We Provide the Roadmap to its Success:  DIY-ers Truck operators who have a good cuisine idea, but no real business experience, and no expertise or experience fall victim to every pit fall coming their way -  GS has thirty years of successful business management and marketing behind it, has a thoroughly researched business plan, unique and creative cuisine concepts, and experts who will work tirelessly on creating new concepts- nothing will go stale on our watch.

Whereas You May Be In Business FOR Yourself, You’re Not BY Yourself:  DIY operators are busy working in their businesses, with little or no time to work on their businesses.  An essential ingredient to success in any business is to remain vigilant in working on improving the business and propelling it forward, without this, business fails – GS have staff concentrating on building better businesses, and improving the systems that currently exist, with the goal of making those systems the gold standard of the gourmet food truck industry.

Gourmet Streets Provides a Whole Lot More than Your Stand Alone Food Truck.  You’re Part of a Strategic Plan for Growth both Locally and Internationally:  DIY have no strategic plan for growth, and without growth business shrivel up and die – GS is a group of creative individuals that have created other businesses, and built them from scratch into substantial enterprises.

Fail to Plan?  Plan to Fail!  Gourmet Streets tells you all that you Need and what you don’t:  The most common reason for business failure is lack of starting with the proper amount of working capital.  And even though food trucks require less working capital than your typical restaurant startup, nevertheless food trucks do have their requirements, and if not met, they fail – GS has thoroughly analyzed the necessary costs and expenses in opening a food truck business, we are here to tell you what you need, and what you don’t need.

Don’t Face Food Truck Challenges Alone!  Our Experts are Online and On the phone When you Need them: Since the food truck industry is comparatively new, when problems arise, there has not yet formed a core of experts in the industry to help resolve these problems – GS has scrutinized the industry, and has formulated the response needed in difficult situations to help its franchisees overcome these obstacles, We are today’s food truck industry experts.

Multiple Expansion Opportunities Are Always Available:  Today’s Food trucks have no long term plan or exit plan, resulting in trucks going to rust in their owners’ driveways – GS is constantly working on its products and systems.  As a result opportunities will be made available that a stand alone entity would never have.  For example, if a franchisee wants to expand, GS has several other food truck cuisines that you can move into, or if you want additional areas for the same cuisine type, GS can provide that too.  If the need arises where you need to relocate, GS can provide you the ability to move into a totally different market.   

We Make Sure Changing Trends Won’t Leave Your Food Truck Business in the Dust:  Food Trucks are the hottest trend in food, three years running – GS is the only franchisor and at the cutting edge of this blossoming industry.  All industries evolve over years from what they were at their origins, and in these times, those evolving cycles spin faster and faster.  You need someone who is there to be aware of these evolving trends, and help you to position your self and be ready for those curves.

From Social Media to Mobile Tech.  We Keep Your Marketing Edge Sharp:  Media loves the food truck industry, this provides free publicity, and great opportunities – GS is savvy to the ways of marketing and media.  We are being identified as a growing force in the food truck industry.  As this trend continues to grow, GS will be a ‘go-to’ source of information, which will pave a smoother road for your food truck success.

You’ll Be Driving your Gourmet Streets Food Truck all the Way to Paradise:  Great opportunities in vacation spots, and over seas – GS doesn’t have restraints as to its breadth and depth, we plan to grow this business substantially, and you will grow along with us, in the markets you currently serve, and those markets we will expand into in the future.  Think in terms of retiring with us to a nice cozy operation in some sunny warm climate, working the kind of hours you choose, while having a regular cash flow from your Gourmet Food Truck operation.  Maui anyone!

Everybody Eats in Good Times and Bad.  Gourmet Streets Puts Great Food within Easy Reach:  Food sells in good economies and bad – GS has chosen the Gourmet Food Truck industry because food sells in good times as in bad times.  People have to eat.  And particularly when the food is economically priced, coupled with the great Gourmet Streets tasty cuisines.  It’s a winning combination to a successful business.

At Long Last, a Recipe for Food Truck Success:  Beware of jumping into any business, without proper research and planning.  DIY’s have done exactly that, and with outside sources of capital impossible to find, they have limited amounts of time is in short supply – GS has invested time, money, and man power into researching the industry, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, and has done the planning necessary to help you set a new food truck business up and succeed; lining up locations, truck manufacturers, suppliers, best truck designs, the right equipment for the multitude of permits and regulations that need to be followed.

A Better Solution to Cost Containment for On-Campus Dining Services:  College/university student populations are bulging at the seams.  Kids living off allowances from Mom and Dad, and they love to eat, and have variety, whereas the school facility is limited in its budget and restricting its menus.  Schools are looking for options by which they can increase the variety without the associative costs – GS presents a very viable option by which they offer the school an alternative, without any cost to the school.  Because GS speaks as one entity representing a selection of cuisines, Schools are listening, as exemplified by UCLA in California.

Coordinated Cuisines under One Delivery System:  Selection and variety of cuisines – GS offers a growing variety of cuisines under a single umbrella, a master brand- Gourmet Streets.  No other franchise system offers this amount of choice.

A Quality Restaurant Franchise at an Unbeatably Low Price:  With an extremely reasonable and low entry fee – GS has one of the least expensive franchise systems in the restaurant franchise industry.

Professional Staffing Support for Your Food Truck:  We work with several culinary schools who matriculate 20,000 culinary students annually, with 90% of them coming into the work force at $10-$12/hour – GS makes available a highly trained work force.

Options a Fixed Location Restaurant Just Can’t Touch:  Very flexible alternatives to problems in the business - re-wrap the truck into another cuisine, pick up and move down the street (or the other part of town)

Ready for Truck #2..#3…#4?  Great expansion opportunities – additional trucks serving other cuisines, or serving the same cuisines in other parts of town.

Food Truck Business System: Gourmet Streets (GS) provides a complete ‘soup to nuts’ system how to operate and profit in a Food Truck Business.

Logistics Coordinator:  GS portrays a corporate image, understands local markets and its authorities,     and will assist in communicating with these providers for purposes of increasing your operational success. Decision Makers deal with One Corporate Entity, not tens of DIY-ers

Market Analysis:  Location-Location-Location!  We have the tools to identify the best geographic market to establish your business.          

Cuisine and Menu Creation:  We have researched our focus markets and created six cuisines containing over 120 meals that are best received in those markets.  Together with this we provide a fuel on-line ‘cookbook’ (with secured access) with ingredients, and cooking procedures professionally detailed and explained so anyone can prepare these dishes.

Market Makers: GS is creating new markets for food truck operators.

Truck and Equipment Research, Acquisition, Design and Build:  GS has spent months putting together the best deals in the industry saving you tens of thousands of dollars both in time and expense.

Financing and Leasing:  GS has lined up the SBA (Small Business Administration) to assist you in securing a loan.  We can introduce you to lease companies as well.  We advise you on best policies to secure these loans or leases.

Orchestrate a Successful Roll Out:  GS outlines for you a total roll out of your food truck in fine detail, leaving nothing to chance. 

Complete Training Program:  GS provides a detailed written manual of pre-open procedures, daily operations, administrative functions, hiring and firing practices, and all of this is also provided as an on-line inter-active training program, for both you and your employees.  The on-line system provides for tests, and grading so you can decide whether your new hires live up to the responsibilities they are entrusted with.

Marketing Package:  GS has created a comprehensive Marketing package for you to implement, to include: Local yellow page directory headers; Print ads;  Suggested sponsorships; and other local advertising that will help build the goodwill of your ‘Gourmet Streets’ food truck.  Best of all, there are no advertising fees charged under this franchise.  It is suggested that franchisee should spend a minimum of $250 per month in local advertising.

Gourmet Streets Exclusive Mobile Apps:  The most exciting mechanism for generating your sales, and building your business to great heights is our Mobile App Technology and Package, this will provide the following: Alert customers to your whereabouts when approaching their area; remote ordering, payment, and delivery.

The Least Expensive Restaurant Franchise in the World:  Royalties: No Royalties for the first sixty days after delivery, $500.00 per month during months 3-5,  $1000 per month for months 6-8, and $1500 per month thereafter. No required advertising or marketing fees.  No tiresome weekly or monthly reporting.

Constant Support and Advice: Once you have been helped along in every detail of setting your new business up, GS is at your disposal on any issue that may pop up.


And Now For Your Questions:

What makes GS different from other food truck operations? 
We offer a full business and culinary package: Menus, recipes, Cooking Procedures, Truck allocation, design, and build-out, site locator, customer building, marketing and sales help, training, mobile technologies, POS systems, and as much hand holding as you may need throughout.

Why so many cuisines? 
We want to place options and choices in the hands of franchisees that can make the best of them.  We may not be finished with the number of cuisines offered.  If we find other good ideas in the market place we may add additional cuisines.

I have my own idea for a cuisine; can I use that instead of one of Gourmet Streets? 
No.  And the reason is simple, when you buy a franchise you are paying the franchisor to provide you with a system that works, has others who are working it with you, and a partner (that’s us) who is committed to make it work better and better.  Over time, this method is the most successful, as so many of the facts about franchises state (see our website, ‘Why Franchise?’)

What do your cuisines offer so different from all the other trucks out there? 
We’ve tried to bring unique qualities to our cuisines, each has its own calling card: Gusto’s-Italian pizza Cone with all types of fillings; Chillipeppers-Tacos with a fusion of Asian-Latin fillings; American Fare- Good Ole American Foods from throughout the USA; Eastside Deli-the old delicatessen food from your grandfathers’ days, healthy portions on a sandwich of the freshest of breads; Mambi’s- Just a crazy name for a fantastic dessert truck that also serves breakfast all day long; Sizzle Stix-Great foods that can be skewered on a stick, and a little Meditterean  foods like shwarma (lamb or chicken slices on a lappa bread) 

How do you serve these fancy meals without dropping them all other the pavement? 
Each of our menu items are handy and hand able.  Just take a few extra napkins, and everything will be fine.

Where must I prepare these foods?  Do I need a commissary? 
Some of our cuisines require more preparation than others.  Mambi’s items have to be baked, therefore, we help you get set up with a local baker who will follow our recipes.  Eastside Deli has minimal prep, but requires additional refrigeration than the truck may afford. Gusto’s requires a moderate amount of prep, so we help you partner up with a restaurant or commercial kitchen where you can rent time in their facility in the early mornings. Chillipeppers has minimal prep time, but again additional refrigeration will likely be necessary.  Sizzle Stix has moderate amounts of prep required, so here also we help you partner up for a few hours daily with a commercial kitchen in the area.  American Fare is moderate on prep time, and again partnering will be necessary and additional refrigeration will be helpful.

How much time in prep will I need? 
2-5Hrs daily, depending on cuisine.

Are the ingredients fresh? 
Wherever possible, we stress you arrange to use fresh ingredients.  We help you source the best suppliers in your area for these supplies.

Where do I get all these supplies?  And how often must I shop for them? 
We help you make contact and set up accounts with some national supply chains, and some local merchants.  We suggest shopping every other or third day.

Do you have items on each menu that cater to Vegans, and special diets?
  Each menu has a few vegan dishes.  You may determine that you want to add to this selection.  We will be happy to consider adding dishes that make sense and fit into the rest of the cuisine.

Do you provide nutritional information? 
We will try to make this information available in the months to come.  We do not have this information just yet.

What is the markup on your meals? 
Prepared meals are marked up 3-4x its cost.  Bottle or can drinks, and bagged snacks are marked up 2x

Do I need to be a trained chef to make these meals?
No, though cooking experience is worth having. A short order cook can be hired easily enough. Our on-line and on-site training programs will bring you up to speed, and you’ll be good to go by opening day.

How many workers do I need to operate each of these cuisines? 
Depends on the location and the cuisine, but generally, it will be between 2-3 plus yourself working the truck, and two in preparation before opening. 

Is there a lot of waste, or can I use the basic ingredients for many different dishes within the same cuisine?
Again, this will depend on the cuisine you choose.  Food safety laws apply, and must be adhered to, all of which is covered in our training program.

How often do I switch the various dishes served on a particular day from the next? 
We suggest you choose three main dishes each day to offer, and switch these as often as every day.  Each of our cuisines includes 10-15 main dishes, so you may be able to serve different meals each day.  But you will learn what all your customers’ favorites are, and will likely want at least one of those on each day’s menus.

What help does GS provide in setting up a food truck? 
We have designed a truck for each of our cuisines, including all of the essential pieces of equipment.  You may add to this list, and we’ll go through all of this with you in the process of you becoming a franchise.

Can I open in any State I choose?
We are registered in most states, though there are a few that we are not, or in the process of becoming.  Until we are, we cannot offer a franchise in those states.  Ask your sales representative for information on this.

What are the royalties and other payments? 
Ask your sales representative to go over this with you when you speak with them.

When are these payments to be made? 
Some are made monthly, others annually.  Ask your sales representative to help with this information.

Can I operate more than one cuisine on my truck? 
No, each truck is to serve only one of the cuisines offered by Gourmet Streets.

If I have an idea for another cuisine can I serve that off of my GS truck?
No.  We are willing to consider new ideas for cuisines, but if and when we do consider others we will only do so after much research, consideration, and thought.

If I already have a location, can I operate a franchise there?
If it is in one of the states we are legally able to offer our franchise, then certainly yes.  If not, we will try our best to speed up the process of becoming registered, so that we can satisfy your interests.

Can I visit a GS truck now, and where? 
Yes.  We have one located in New York, and on in Providence, RI.  Talk with your sales representative to make arrangements for a visit.

What help do you provide in acquiring the needed licenses and permits? 
We have a research department that identifies what licenses and permits you will need.  If you want us to go through the application process for you, can do this as well at an additional expense and cost for the permits and licenses themselves.

What if I can’t get a license or permit? 
That is a possibility.  And if things can’t be worked out with that particular authority, we find you another location where licensing and permits is not a problem.

Are there any guarantees that I’ll be successful in the location I choose? 
No. As they say, there are no guarantees in life.  But we spend the needed time with you in discussions and analysis of your proposed locations, to thoroughly consider your chances for success there.

How much can I make operating a GS food truck? 
This is an entrepreneurial business, and as with all businesses like this, it most often depends on how hard you work it.

What if the cuisine or location I choose doesn’t succeed? 
We begin with discussing with you what is actually going on, and what you think the problem may be.  We’ll make our best efforts at identifying the cause of your problems.  Once we have identified those causes, we set out to resolve them.  The beauty of Gourmet Streets is the variety of choices you have for conducting your business, and resolving issues.  If it’s that the location is not suitable, that’s easy, pick up and move on down the road.  If the cuisine isn’t working, that too is easy, we turn your truck into some other cuisine that will work, and re-train you into that cuisine.  Whatever may be the problem we attach it and solve it.  (A change of cuisine may involve some change in equipment and some alteration to your outside graphic wrap.  The costs are outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document.)

What advertising do GS do for me? 
In our Franchise Disclosure document, we say that we have no national advertising problem, and don’t charge you for one.  We do strongly suggest you invest in your own local market, by advertising in the vehicles we suggest within the Franchise disclosure document.

What advertising am I responsible for doing? 
We strongly suggest you spend in your own local market.  The list of formats through which you may advertise is listed in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

What are the features of the Gourmet Streets Mobile App? 
We are most excited about the unique state of the art features in our mobile App.  Once your customers are loaded into your database, the App identifies those who are within a specified area of your truck, and sends them an alert message letting them know where your are, and what time you’ll be serving food.  It then allows them to open your menu, and offers them the option of ordering from their phone, and paying for it as well using PayPal or credit card.  When your delivery services are operating, it will allow them to choose a time for delivery.  Or if they choose, they can come to your truck and without waiting on line, pick up their food.  This is our solution to rain, sleet or snow, your Gourmet Food Truck can always be open for business.

Do I need my own computer system? 
Gourmet Streets has developed its own POS (Point of Sale) system, which works in sync with our Mobile App.

Do I need a Printer?
The POS system includes a receipt printer.

What features are offered within the POS system? 
Sales, Cash Reporting, Inventory, Purchasing, Banking, and Financial Reporting.

How much training do GS provide?
All of our training is ‘Hands-On’.  By this we mean, you visit us for a hands-on experience of working on one of our food trucks or one of an existing franchisees. 
Then you take our on-line hands-on training course, through our exclusive LMS (Learning Management System), an interactive system that tracks your progress in learning the in and outs of operating, managing, and controlling your food truck operation.  The system also serves to train your employees into the various functions each of them will be responsible for.  And lastly, prior to you opening, we send our chefs out to work with you on your truck and premises, to make sure you are working with your cuisine effectively.  If in any of these areas you feel you need more time, or more training, it’s no problem.  We want you to be confident in what you are doing.

What areas of training are covered? 
For a full list of subject matter, please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document, where we list all the subjects covered in our training program.

Do we have to come to your corporate offices to be trained? 
No, we believe it is more effective if you have the training at your disposal, at the times that you choose to learn it, in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

How do I train my employees? 
Our on-line LMS system is meant for your employees also.  Not every module will be pertinent to your employees, so you’ll have a choice of what material you want each employee to access to.  But because the system is inter active you will be able to track their developments and progress.  It helps to determine their aptitude and whether they will be adequate to do the job they are assigned.

Are there any costs associated with training? 
The initial training is included in the franchise fee.  Ongoing training and access to the LMS system for the training of your employees has an annual fee associated with it.  Please refer to your Franchise Disclosure Document for details.

What if I need or want more training than what’s provided?



Note: None of the communications made through these web pages should be construed as an offer to sell any Food Truck Franchise Group, LLC franchises, including any of the brands expected to be licensed to it , nor is any such communication directed to, the residents of any jurisdiction requiring registration of the franchise before it is offered and sold in that jurisdiction. No Food Truck Franchise Group, LLC franchises will be sold to any resident of such jurisdiction until the offering has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and declared effective by, such jurisdiction and the required Franchise Disclosure Document (if any) has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law. If you have any questions concerning the registration status of franchises in your jurisdiction or regarding development status, please contact our franchise development office for further information.