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Food Truck Franchise Group is a team of experts that are here to help those new to franchising, new to food prep, restaurants, food trucks and those who have experience in one or more of these areas, looking to expand their businesses, and personal accomplishments.

Robert Mytelka - CEO Management, Operations, Brand Development & Marketing, Markets Development
Robert B. Mytelka, has specialized in start-up operations, sales and marketing in Franchises. His specialties are in product development, branding and marketing, consumer research, creating strategic alliances, operations, and budgeting. Prior to FTFUS, Mr. Mytelka consulted for multi-channel distribution businesses in consumer goods, as well as operated his own business for over twenty-five years selling a full line of gardening products via retail outlets, catalog and web based sales, and distibution. Mr. Mytelka is a graduate of Alfred University in New York, and Oxford University, Oxford, England.

Chef Daren Bulley - Sales and Brand Development Chef, Catering, Brand Development, Franchise Sales
Chef Bulley, graduated from Johnson & Wales Culinary School, and has since worked as a Executive Chef, finally opening an award winning catering business called Divine Providence in Providence, RI. With his wide experience in food preparation, design, and development, catering, menu engineering and recipe development. Daren’s specialities are in Food, Recipe Creation & Costing, Catering, Grilling and Smoking including grilled pizza, Scotch Whisky, Buffet Presentation, Mediterranean Food, Classical French Cuisine, Indian Cuisine. Highly skilled in event planning, and staff management. Daren lives in Providence and heads up sales of franchises in the New England market. His other responsibilities will be in brand and market development.

John Rovito - Mobile and Web Technologies Technology, Media, Mobile and Social Technology Applications
John Rovito is a senior executive with extensive experience spanning the fields of publishing, media, and technology. With the rise of personal computing, he entered the then burgeoning fields of technical staffing and systems integration. During this stage of his career he served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Butler International, Paragon Computer Professionals, and Computer Generated Solutions. In 2004, Mr. Rovito helped found Razzor Cat, a digital consulting firm whose services include marketing, strategy and branding, as well as the design and development of both corporate and e-commerce websites. Mr. Rovito is an accomplished writer, designer and public speaker as well as a digital strategist with an in-depth knowledge of both online and mobile technologies. John is directing the FTFUS Mobile App program.

Jacob Mytelka – Associate. Markets Development Management and Market Research
Jacob Mytelka, will focus on identifying markets lucrative for the set-up of gourmet food trucks. He has recently served as the Executive Director of Business Development for a small overseas college. Jacob graduated from Touro College in New York with a Business degree in Finance.

Samuel Mytelka - Financial Reporting Accounting and Budgeting
Samuel Mytelka, CPA, Associate, is an experienced staff tax accountant with specialties in partnership tax returns, trust tax returns, due diligence in retail operations, technology and software. He has worked in several retail industries, including restaurants and food preparation businesses. He graduated from University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business; and City University of New York-Brooklyn College, BS , Accounting.


Note: None of the communications made through these web pages should be construed as an offer to sell any Food Truck Franchise Group, LLC franchises, including any of the brands expected to be licensed to it , nor is any such communication directed to, the residents of any jurisdiction requiring registration of the franchise before it is offered and sold in that jurisdiction. No Food Truck Franchise Group, LLC franchises will be sold to any resident of such jurisdiction until the offering has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and declared effective by, such jurisdiction and the required Franchise Disclosure Document (if any) has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law. If you have any questions concerning the registration status of franchises in your jurisdiction or regarding development status, please contact our franchise development office for further information.