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Arthur Amdurer - Personnel, Training
With over 30 years of experience working in big business and small, Arthur has the uncanny knack of adapting successfully, big business processes to small business applications. His clients have consistently benefited by growing in size, strength and profitability. His field of expertise is general business systems and processes, from hiring/firing, logistics, accounting, and marketing. An all-around business guru. He has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Management from the City University of New York

Steven Caccavo - Specialty Foods
Steve Caccavo, provides small business coaching, and business counseling services to startups and to owners of small and mid-size businesses. Co-founder and CEO of The Well-Bred Loaf, Inc., an award- winning specialty baked-goods manufacturer, marketer and distributor, Steve's business experience spans entrepreneurial startup, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, human resources management, administration, labor relations and legal compliance. Having grown the company from a home-based business to a niche industry leader with over 120 employees, Steve has "been there, done that" in handling a food based start-up. Steve's specialties include specialty food producers, specifically dealing with "growing pains" experienced in those operations. After selling WBL he launched Positive Employment Practices, Inc., and now operates under the trade name Constructive Business Solutions™. Steve is a graduate in psychology from Oberlin College and a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR). He is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the American Management Association, and has been trained as a mediator with the New York State Community Dispute Resolution Center Program.

Jacob Engel - Business Operations
Jacob has been in business consulting and training for the past ten years, with a specialty in the snack food industry. His background has been in development, manufacturing, and packaging. Currently, Jacob is focused on coaching/training, and by using a variety of techniques, has successfully and substantially improved productivity for his clients.

Danny Glix - Marketing Specialist, and Internet and Mobile Technologist
Danny Glix is our resident brand strategist and digital surgeon. Glix has worked at 2 public companies as creative director, and started up several marketing & design firms. He is fluent in the lifecycle of developing a company's lasting brand strategy, identity, digital graphics, and creative marketing materials. He has extensive experience designing and technically developing web and print styles, digital video, animation, flash actionscript, and 3d modeling. Glix speaks HTML, DHTML, C++, XML, ASP, PHP, Java Script, Actionscript, JAVA, MySQL, and is well versed in quite a few more coding languages. You can read more about him at

David Lapin
- Food Service, Restaurant Operations
David is a seasoned veteran of the food service industry for over thirty years and is presently President of DFL Consulting, a 5 year old food service management consulting firm specializing in the planning and execution of restaurant and catering ventures and event planning. He works with universities and colleges in developing alternative options in their food service provisions, recently working with Franklin and Marshall College and Sodexo Food Service Management Company. David has owned and operated several popular restaurants, and a catering company.

John Rovito - Technology, Media, Mobile and Social Technology Applications

John Rovito is a senior executive with extensive experience spanning the fields of publishing, media, and technology. With the rise of personal computing, he entered the then burgeoning fields of technical staffing and systems integration. During this stage of his career he served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Butler International, Paragon Computer Profe
ssionals, and Computer Generated Solutions. In 2004, Mr. Rovito helped found Razzor Cat, a digital consulting firm whose services include marketing, strategy and branding, as well as the design and development of both corporate and e-commerce websites. Mr. Rovito is an accomplished writer, designer and public speaker as well as a digital strategist with an in-depth knowledge of both online and mobile technologies. You can read his blog at:

Samuel Shafner - Legal, Franchising
Samuel is a Partner with the Boston law firm, Burns & Levinson LLP. He speicalixes in deals involving corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.


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